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Great Vanity Plate

[AR] – SHRTBUS, originally uploaded by dinglemunch.

Spotted this vanity plate at Thanksgiving time. Funny because the car is short and yellow.

Of course, it could be a shirt bus, but I don’t even know what a shirt bus is.

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Great Vanity Plate

Vanity Plates, originally uploaded by mintaka2.

A collection of Vanity Plates

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Vanity Plate

I hate vanity plates:MiranC

Yellow scooter sporting the vanity plate “I’m Retro” Retro is cool.

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Obviously everything hasĀ  price tag, but paying large sums of money for vanity plates seems a little outrageous.

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Revenge of the Electric Car

submitted by Tom M. –

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Vanity Plate

Howzit, Bra?:ZenzenOK

At first I thought this was a Hawaiian-style vanity plate until I realized that it was a convertible Ford Mustang. Put the top down = no bra. Get it? I prefer the Hawaiian version.

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admin on March 31st, 2014
Vanity Plate

Need Gas:candleshoe

This vanity plate at least comes clean. Hummers and gasoline prices are a sore subject.

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Vanity Plate

Bad Pun:nickehret

A license plate with a double entendre, shocking yes?
Nice Porsche Boxster though.

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Vanity Plate


We all think it, but this vanity plates says it. Oil prices be damned!

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Originally uploaded by gruntzooki

Heavy metal fans can look in envy at this vanity plate. Metallica will probably sue them.

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